Common Questions

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a carefully facilitated process that helps you recover from your injury and return you to your prior level of functioning. Physical therapists are licensed health care professionals that are board certified in the state in which they practice. Physical therapists now have a Doctorate degree in physical therapy and are trained extensively to evaluate and treat people with a variety of health problems and injuries. Physical therapists use a mixture of carefully applied mobilizations, soft tissue work, edema control, stretching, exercises, modalities, postural education, endurance conditioning and education to help people recover from their specific injury.

How much will it cost?

Upon receiving your specific insurance information our billing specialist will identify your physical therapy benefits. Every insurance plan is different and so will the amount that is covered. It is common to have a co-pay associated with each visit that will apply to your annual deductible. Our goal is to make the process as easy for you as possible and will deal with the insurance company for you. On your first visit our billing specialist will fully explain your benefits and what will be covered.

Don’t have Insurance?

Chattanooga Physical Therapy will work with you for a flexible payment program that works well with your budget. Before treatment begins we will let you know what you will be charged and how to pay for it.

How often will I come?

Your surgeon or primary care physician and physical therapist will make the decision as to the frequency and duration of care you should receive. Many factors will be considered when determining the recommended frequency and duration, including your diagnosis, age, surgical procedure, overall health and severity of injury. Our goal is not to see you forever! We understand that healthcare can be expensive and time consuming. We want you to achieve a full recovery as soon as possible for the most affordable price possible. We are committed to treating you efficiently. Our goal is to empower you so you can continue with a home exercise program as quickly as possible while ensuring that your injury is effectively addressed and resolved.

What should I wear?

We use a combination of exercise and hands on techniques that will require you to move. We recommend loose fitting clothing that allows us access to your body part that is injured.

How long will each visit take?

Your first visit will be a comprehensive evaluation and last about 1 hour. We schedule patients for 1 hour sessions for all subsequent visits. We are prompt with our visit times and understand that your time is valuable. We have a comfortable waiting area but don’t plan to sit around for us!

Who will I see for each visit?

At Chattanooga Physical Therapy we are committed to providing the highest quality care, which means you will see a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy for every visit. We believe that having a one-on-one session between one of our doctors of physical therapy and each of our patients for the full hour session gives them the most individual and personalized care possible. We think you’ll agree!