The hip joint is a ball and socket joint, formed from the Femur and a portion of the pelvis called the Acetabulum. Multiple ligaments surround the joint along with several large muscles that add to the stability and strength of the joint. Pain felt around the hip can have many different sources. Since the hip joint carries the weight of our body, it’s a common place for arthritis and degenerative changes to occur as we age. Damage to the labrum, ligaments, bursa or muscles that surround the joint may also cause pain. Due to its proximity to the low back, differentiating between the hip and low back as a source for pain is essential. Hip pain may be felt in the groin area, on the outside of the joint or deep in the buttock region. Pain may be intense and sharp or dull and aching. Pain that extends down your leg toward your knee or foot along with numbness and tingling may indicate involvement of a pinched nerve from your back. One of our licensed doctors of physical therapy will be able to identify the source of your pain and begin an appropriate treatment program that will target your dysfunction and start you down the road to recovery.