Low Back

The vast majority of people will experience some level of back pain during the lifetime. Pain can be intense and is often described as:

  • Burning
  • Stabbing
  • Pain extending down the legs toward the feet
  • May cause numbness and tingling
  • Can be a generalized aching and weakness

These types of pain can be caused from a bulging disc, irritation between two vertebrae in your back, osteoarthritis, instability of a specific segment, stiffness in a ligament, a pinched nerve or another cause as identified by one of our licensed doctors of physical therapy. Back pain can be debilitating and interrupts every aspect of your life. To determine the exact cause of your pain and develop an effective treatment program a doctor of physical therapy will perform a full evaluation before beginning treatment. Treatment will likely include a combination of hands on manual techniques, targeted exercise, stretching and joint mobilization along with various modalities like heat, ice or electrical stimulation to aid in the healing process.