Our Vision

Chattanooga Physical Therapy Vision Chattanooga Physical Therapy started with the dream of being a truly patient centered clinic guided by strong Christian principles. Those two ideas are the foundation for everything we do. Our first priority is to provide the best care possible to every patient who comes through our doors. Their needs supersede our own and they become our friends. They should be welcomed as they come in and should start their treatment at the appointment time. We listen to them, pay attention to them, spend time with them, and let them know that we care. To this end, we strive to avoid overlapping patients with the goal of seeing one patient per hour per PT. Chattanooga Physical Therapy is designed to provide the best PT interventions of any clinic in Chattanooga and that starts with our staff. Each therapist is encouraged to cultivate a specialty area and pursue continuing education in this area of expertise. Weekly coordination meetings are held during which we counsel about patients who are progressing more slowly than we had hoped, coordinate with other staff specialists to determine if there are barriers to progress that a different therapist can help with, and share knowledge and develop skills in short in-services. We limit clinical staff to Doctors of Physical Therapy to insure that the patient receives the most qualified care at every visit. Continuity of care is vital to the patient’s experience so the patient will be seen each visit by the same therapist who performed the evaluation. Chattanooga Physical Therapy is accomplishing the dream I had in the beginning and I am excited to see it moving forward. We have a great time together and it is a joy to be part of a team that does all we can to make our community better.