Wrist & Hand

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a common injury involving the wrist and hand. This injury occurs when the median nerve in your wrist becomes irritated and pinched. Inflammation is often a part of this process, along with the transverse carpal ligament. This condition is often associated with repetitive motions and can cause intense pain in the hand and wrist or forearm, along with numbness and tingling.

The wrist is a complex joint, influenced by the interaction of your Ulna and Radius with five small bones in your wrist called the Carapals. Several ligaments provide stability to this area and can become damaged. Several tendons cross your wrist on the front and back side along with three main nerves that extend into your hand. With the wide range of movement that our wrist provides, there are multiple areas for potential injuries and pain. Understanding your pain and where it comes from will be the primary focus of our licensed doctor of physical therapy during your initial visit. Properly identifying the source of your pain is essential. Following the evaluation, treatment may include joint mobilization, stretching, nerve glides, focused exercises, tendon glides and modality use. For injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that are caused by repetitive motions, education on how to change those movement patterns will be an essential component to prevent the injury from progressing and beginning the healing process.